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Question of the Day

He who asks no questions receives no oral sex

Question of the Day (Stylez)
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Have you ever wanted to debate the most important questions in life with like-minded people who really know the true meaning of awesome?

Well, fuck yeah. Here is the place you can do it. You'll be answering questions on a wide range of topics such as cannibalism, vending machines, the future, the meaning of hummus, the meaning of life, and bodily fluids.

We ask the questions. You answer. This is not a democracy. However, you can send your suggestions to your friendly dictators ridemycamel and doublethinker and we will consider whether it is cool enough. Speaking of cool, maeveae is also supposed to be a fellow moderator/killer of the poor, but we can't figure out how to add her. Harumph.

And, by "of the day" we mean "of some days when we feel like it."